Shall I Compare Thee to a Backpack?

Most of my ponderings happen whilst walking, or in the shower or whilst cooking – nice relaxing activities which stimulate the mind. I wish I could have a recorder in my head which would just print out my thoughts because I am so much more eloquent there than when typing or writing.

My most recent musing was about my Uncle, who is 40 and has just become engaged. He’s an adventurer a driven businessman and an all-night partyer. I honestly always thought he’d be attending my wedding before I was attending his! It got me thinking about the old adage that a wife is a ball-and-chain. But I think in his new fiancee he has found the perfect woman, and to all those incredible wives and girlfriends out there, if you have to be compared to an inanimate object let it be a backpack. Let me explain:

  • A ball and chain pulls you back from your adventures; you wouldn’t dream of leaving without your backpack.
  • A ball and chain rubs and tugs against you; a backpack fits you like it was made to be there
  • A backpack always contains that one thing you need
  • A backpack would never hinder your travels; it makes them easier
  • If a good backpack breaks, you repair it

Sadly, comparing a human to an inanimate object will always give them a serious degree of passivity, I don’t want to imply that you have to carry your wife around, simply that a good partnership is just that, a partnership, mutual support – not a ball and chain, pulling you back, hurting you, making life a misery.


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