Shifting Seasons

My partner has been convinced for about the last eight years that the seasons are shifting and happening later, eh thinks it’s a natural cycle (much as he believes global warming would have happened with or without human intervention – though we may have accelerated it). As I look out of the window on ‘the first day of spring’ at six inches of snow I can’t help but feel his evidence is quite compelling. So I decided to look through my photo archives (for photos between the 6th March and 6th April each year) going back for the last nine years to see what the weather was like.

Two things are immediately abundantly clear – 1. That my camera has got a hell of a lot better over nearly ten years. 2. That this weather really is, in the words of Bill and Ted “most atypical” – Yes, there was a small flurry in 2008, but it melted very quickly.







There were no outdoors photos from 2010.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look back at Springs gone by, I really hope the blossoms and daffodils are with us soon!


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