Goodbye Bad Week, time to move on

It’s been a bad week. Sometimes life just throws stuff at you until you don’t feel you can take it anymore, it’s been one of those, but luckily punctuated by great moments of happiness and friendship. I am well aware I will have worse weeks in my life, but I want to remember this one because it marks the sudden and unexpected passing of the lovely Rose, my partner’s grandmother, who we were both very fond of.

RIP Rose a.k.a. Ricky, you were a gorgeous, kind, welcoming lady who accepted me wholeheartedly into your family despite me and your grandson not being married. I have nothing but respect for you and I’m sad you’ll never get to teach me shorthand. I suspect you thought I was insincere about learning it, but I really did hope it would happen eventually.

So, without wallowing, I just want to catalogue the good and the bad of this week. Then lay it to rest.

Monday – a good day, a feeling of spring in the air. Getting up at 5.30am made much more pleasant by the lovely light morning and not having to go to work in the dark. Had a worrying phone call in the evening, one of our best friends has gone, probably irreversibly, partially blind in both eyes. We knew he was having some problems, but it was a shock to know it had gotten that bad. very worried about how he will cope in the coming months.

Tuesday – Somehow managed to sprain my foot, pain gets worse throughout the week, but luckily only when walking. After I get home from work (which I am very thankful for) my partner gets the message that Rose has died suddenly. Rest of evening consumed with phone calls. Stay up late with my partner to make sure he’s ok with the result I only get around 4 hours sleep before work.

Wednesday – Arrive at work to find a worrying message, my colleague’s daughter was taken into hospital with severe abdominal pain so she had to leave early on Tues. In afternoon I have my first ever cervical screening – not a pleasant experience. Evening is better, had pre-arranged to see some friends and had a nice evening at their house.

Thursday – Had driving lesson before work, lesson went well but my phone fell out of my pocket when I got out of the car to do my sight test. Only found out at the end, when we went back to find it it had been run over and the screen was broken.

Friday – Because phone;s SIM is ok, buy a cheap £12 replacement in town before work. Also a tubi-grip bandage for my ever worsening sprain. Go to launch event of my friend’s linguistics website in the eve, very interesting 1.5hr lecture on conflict resolution bu Jo Berry and Pat McGee,  nice to see my lecturers again.

Saturday – nice gentle day. Glad the week is over.


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