The lovely Zhang Jingna’s post reflecting on her turning 25 (please read, if only to marvel at her wonderful photography) inspired me to write my own. I am 25 today.


Being 24 was a bit of a nothing year to be honest, which in itself is somewhat depressing. I’ve had the same cafe job since before I was 24, so no changes there, I’d hoped it would be a 6 month stop gap, 18 months later I’m really getting an impression of the UK job market’s utter wankyness…

My greatest achievement in the last year has certainly been my business, since last May I’ve read 4 PhDs (all from 70-100k word count) and a 60k book, and I’m usually barely a week without something coming through once something else is finished, which is really nice.


Looking at this year, I might be in for a hard couple of months, my partner had a death in the family, his grandfather is 93 and requires constant company (luckily he’s not senile, so conversation with him is still stimulating and interesting), and we’ve nearly run out of money, if my partner doesn’t get a job in the next two months, or we turn out to not be eligible for housing benefits, then we’re moving back in with our parents, after nearly 7 years of living independently – not a prospect I’m looking forward to!


But 25 was always my lucky number as a child, so I’m looking forward to the placebo effect of believing I’m lucky. Good times ahead I think!


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