Which country has an awareness of the longest period of history?

I am looking for broad generalisations, and I realise that every country has history enthusiasts.
The question hinges on some comments I found in the answers to this question: What are some peculiarities of European cultures which are not easily understood by Americans? where one writer said that Americans are not aware of their own history much past 1800 (due to being a young country with very little physical evidence of history past then), Europeans generally perceive back to around 500 AD (Roman ruins, etc.), while another commentator added that the Chinese perceive about 2000 years of their own history in artefacts and relics they can commonly see around in their country.
So what country/culture regularly visit/observe/learn about artifacts from their own culture from the longest ago? We're talking history accessible to the masses (e.g. taught in primary school), not obscure neanderthal diggings.

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