My Style

I really love reading life and style blogs. Some of my favourites are: – blog of Josie living in America and her gorgeous subtle girly thrifted re-wearing style, her lovely adventures in house-buying and decorating, and good wholesome cooking – lovely look into Sarah’s life, including her beautiful children, down-to-Earth style and frequent musings on life – gorgeous, decadent, stylish blog from the lovely Kellie, including adorable pictures of her little girl, and to-die-for pictures of her home – blog of the well-known YouTuber Michelle Pahn, giving glimpses into her everyday life and frequent health and beauty tips and tutorials – incredible crafting ideas for clothing and the home from sweet and funny Stacie, who has a style all of her own.

These four women are very different, and I love each of their styles and lives, I covert different clothing pieces of their clothing, and envy different bits of their lives, but mostly I’m just nosy and curious. I love to read American blogs that deal with something a bit different from the UK lifestyle, from the frenetic pace and glamour of the city lives that Michelle and Kellie live, to the natural plant-growing, child-rearing and day-trip taking lives of Josie (though in her case it’s chicken-rearing) and Sarah, to Stacie, who is somewhere in between.

Stacie and Josie inspire me most. I share their love of bucking fashion trends, customising my own clothes and re-wearing pieces I love again and again. I truly believe I have my own individual style and I’d like to showcase that a bit on this blog. My only problem is not having somewhere gorgeous and nature-filled to shoot pictures. I’ll try to make do as best I can.

For now, a glimpse at my style

DSCF7755 DSCF5885 IMG_0038 IMG_3678Dress 1 is Yo Japan! bought on eBay, Dress 2 was a present from my Grandma who bought it on holiday in Spain, Dress 3 is another of her presents bought from a market stall in London, and Dress 3 I bought from River Island.

Any comments, suggestions about writing a good style blog? I think keeping it in succinct bite-size pieces will be key. Hope to start posting soon πŸ™‚


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