A Grey Day

Today has had a distinctly autumnal feeling in the air. Where yesterday I was wearing a sundress, today I got out my favourite autumn/winter corduroy skirt (bought in a Monsoon 75% discount sale about 9 years ago! Top is from Dorothy Perkins), it’s a gorgeous deep maroon with a sumptuous silk edging and has been super hard-wearing (and despite the label, totally machine-washable… bonus!)


I had a lot planned for today, blackberry-picking, going for a walk, but it’s turned into a bit of a hibernating day. I’m making sure I enjoy it though, as it’s my first day back at work tomorrow after a fantastic four-week break (I work in a University cafe – and I’m only contracted for 45 weeks a year).


However, I have accomplished something today, I’ve started making my Christmas presents. Yes I’m way in advance, but I decided on the cheap-but-labour-intensive idea of making my own handmade bracelets for female friends and family. My first attempt was last night:


Not bad, but needs improvement, the beading was pretty uneven, and the clasp isn’t that nice. So today I spent about 20 minutes watching video tutorials (anyone who is interested, the two tutorials are here for the square knotting technique, and here for bead threading). Here’s the result, I’m pretty proud of it

DSCF4931 DSCF4930

I think that’s quite an improvement. Next time I just need to make the adjustable bits longer. I forget what tiny hands I have and I need these to fit my friends, not just me!


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