First day back at work

So, first day back after the summer was a bit of a muddle, both myself and my workmate Kath were very fuzzy-headed and disorganised. Because we work in a Uni we pretty much see the same people every day, so today I was taking orders, taking the money and then getting all caught up asking people about their summer holidays without actually making their orders!

Still, no one minded, all the lecturers are lovely and most of them were suffering from post-holiday fug as well.

Next green tunic dress

I got changed as soon as I got home, one of the things I least like about my job is having to wear entirely black, I find the lack of colour very draining and disheartening as someone who loves colours, patterns and textures.

Green next tunic dress

I needed one of my favourite tunic dresses to cheer me up. It’s perfect for autumn and has all these gorgeous textural embellishments and graphics, including a lovely ruching bit at both sides.

Origami Earings from

I accessorised with these great origami butterfly earrings from created as a non-profit for Japanese tsunami relief.

And on the subject of accessories, what do you think of last night’s bracelet creation?

Square knotted handmade bracelet

Threading the beads was a total pain, the holes were just barely big enough for the waxed chord and needed a lot of persuasion! But I think it came out alright.

Now I’m off to make dinner and listen to my partner’s brother’s radio show. Tomorrow I’m definitely going to pick those blackberries in my garden. I picked some from a bramble to eat on the way home from work today, then went to the shop to get a couple of cooking apples to pair with my blackberries in a pie or a crumble – the apples will certainly be a persuading factor. I’m invested now, so expect to see pie or crumble pictures in the next couple of days 🙂


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