Sports Bra Shopping

So, yesterday I went shopping for a new sports bra. My old comfortable one is the only sports bra I’ve ever owned, I’m pretty sure I bought it to wear for P.E. at school. I’m 25 now, do the math. Needless to say, the elastic’s going, it’s remarkably still fairly white but really doesn’t fit me well any more.

New look dressdress is New Look, jacket is Miss Selfridge

So, having spent the previous evening searching online for a good, affordable bra I finally went to some real shops after work. Now unless you’re remarkably symmetrical and always fit perfectly into the same size bra, or you’re a man (who has never been bra shopping with a girl), then you’ll know what a bitch bra shopping is. I’m asymmetrical, I have massive shoulders and a tiny ribcage so stretchy sports bras that don’t unfasten have to fit over my shoulders, and then shrink to be the size of my waist. I found this picture of me actually facing the camera straight-on to illustrate:

chest to shoulder ratio

I tried a stretch-on bra on in Primark. Disaster. I thought I might get stuck in there. I can imagine women with small ribcages but who are better endowed than me also have this problem. The bra HAS to be tight to the ribcage to hold everything in place, if it isn’t, it’s worse than useless.

New Look dress, Miss Selfridge jacket

I then tried M&S – much better – but still no cigar. For asymetrical girls like me who usually wear a padded bra to hide the smaller boob, non padded sports bras with individual cups are another no-no, you get one weird baggy cup that just looks wrong. At this point, about 1.5 hours in, and feeling exhausted, I gritted my teeth and went into a sports shop.

New Look dress, Miss Selfridge jacket

I have an irrational fear of sports shops. I was buying a sports bra for two reasons:

  1. Wii Fit
  2. For wearing when I’m suffering from something I get, which is a bit like mastitis, and makes me too sore for underwiring

and that’s it. I suck at competitive sports, and I thought Sports Direct would be full of chavs and buftys who would somehow unconsciously know that I was not a sporty person and did not belong there.

I’m happy to say it wasn’t like that at all, the store was very full and weirdly laid out and confusing, but the staff were lovely and they didn’t have changing room Nazis, you just tried on whatever you wanted. I now know that a sports shop is the ONLY place to buy a decent sports bra, and I’m now the proud owner of these two:

USA PRO sports bra from Sports DirectLonsdale London sports bra from Sports Direct

Both really comfortable, both can be worn as crop tops with nothing on top as they’re completely opaque, and both hold you in tightly in a comforting, rather than a suffocating, way. And both very reasonably priced.

So, I got two decent bras and got over my fear of sports shops in one afternoon. I think that’s pretty good going.

On another note. Here is a picture of the blackberries that are still taunting me with their juicy deliciousness


I haven’t  picked them yet because my partner is ill today and I don’t want to make a pie or crumble that he doesn’t feel well enough to eat, and I figure they’ll last longer without going over whilst still attached to the vine.


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