Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It’s been a lovely hazy lazy weekend. Have got a little bit of a cold/period fug, but it’s just serving to make me feel less guilty about relaxing and watching back-to-back episodes of Qi and How I Met Your Mother, rather than being mood-ruining.

This weekend, I’ve done a bit of cleaning and watched the aforementioned shows, and there’s not much else to report!

Fat Face tunic dress

tunic dress from Fat Face

Yesterday I read this book in one sitting: Wool by Hugh Howey It’s only 56 pages long – though all the Amazon reviews seem to be for the complete collection of short stories. It was good, but for me a bit predictable, it’s a sci-fi novella about life in an underground silo where live images of the outside post-apocalyptic world are projected on huge screens inside. The cameras that project the images gradually encrust with dust and dirt, so prisoners are condemned to cleaning the camera lenses. Humans can no longer survive outside so prisoners are sent out in special suits, even so these decay fairly quickly so a sentence of ‘cleaning’ means certain death. I won’t spoil the twist for you. But if you like sci-fi it’s worth reading.

Fat face dress, New Look jeggings, charity shop boots

Fat Face  tunic (gift), New Look leggings, unbranded leather boots (charity shop- Oxfam)

In other news, in this post I told you about my adventures in avocado growing. Well my avocado survived the summer (I let a friend look after it for the month I was away) and is thriving, here is what it looked like in July:

And here it is now, looking much stronger and thriving:

Avocado plant 1 Avocado plant 2 Avocado plant 3

It’s next to my amaryllis, that sadly flowered at my friend’s house and was over by the time I got back. But it really is spectacular, here’s what it looked like last year:


And next to the amaryllis is an ivy plant I’ve had for about ten years, which seems to be completely indestructible, it’s been near death many times while I was a student. Once I even left it in the garden and it got mowed by my landlord!

Hope you’re having a great weekend. x


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