Lincoln Asylum

Yesterday I went to Lincoln Asylum, an annual Steampunk festival held, unsurprisingly, in the beautiful and historic city of Lincoln. The cathedral, castle, precipitous cobbles streets and artisan shops are the perfect backdrop for the Victorian whimsy that is Steampunk.


Steampunk Costume General Steampunkery











We hadn’t bought wristbands this year, and we turned up rather later than we should have on the Sunday, both of which in hindsight were mistakes, but we didn’t know how good it would be or if we would be missing out by not buying wristbands. We essentially didn’t buy them in order to save money, and the  trip was expensive, we spent nearly £50 on fuel overnighting in Newark with a friend, going to Lincoln and then the hour and forty drive home. But it was worth it in order to do something interesting with our weekend.

As the link at the top with show you, the Asylum is a three day event, with various ticketed activities you can pay in advance to go to, such as a tea party, burlesque show, ball, etc. It also has a variety of free and wristband-access-only markets, an art show (which we sadly turned up too late for) and a whole series of talks on Steampunk culture (also wristband access only). The main event for us was the castle market and just enjoying the atmosphere of the town and the event as a whole. I loved looking at the intricate costumes which some people had gone to incredible efforts with.

Steampunk octopus costume

I also loved looking at the clothing and jewellery, as my friend said, I need way more accessories next year, and a lot of the stuff is expensive to buy, but does look possible to make, so watch this space!

Steampunk gun Steampunk market

In the end I wasn’t wearing what I wanted, which made me a bit sad, but we looked at the weather, which was wind and rain and cold, and decided my floor length silk skirt ran the risk of getting ruined, so I regrettably wore a more sensible and masculine costume, that was also a lot less steampunky.

DSCF5203 DSCF5087I also may have frozen to death in my corset, even with a jacket. I think I’ll need to make a cloak for next year, or wear the one I made for Halloween years ago, if the weather’s going to be rubbish again!

Lincoln cathedral DSCF5200

In conclusion, I’d certainly recommend a visit to the Asylum, and in fact to Lincoln itself, there are some gorgeous pubs and cafe’s there, wonderful bric-a-brac and antique shops, an incredible fudge shop and an unbelievable tea shop which had me in paroxysms of joy.

Bookshop cafe


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