Freshers’ Flu

One of the most unwelcome things that Freshers’ Week inevitably brings is the joys of Freshers’ Flu – all those germs from all corners of the world come together and you inevitably meet some you don’t have the antibodies for. I already have one work colleague dosed up on paracetamol, and my partner woke up yesterday sounding like a dalek, he was well enough yesterday to have a bit of fun with his croaky voice, for example doing impressions of Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World’ but today he can barely speak and spent all day in bed :(. I can’t help thinking it will be me next.


Dress from la Redoute, belt hand-me-down from a friend

So while I’m still ok, I’m going to enjoy the warm Autumn weather in my favourite all seasons dress. It’s a gorgeous full-skirted dark blue dress from La Redoute, which looks great on it’s own, with tights, with a waistcoat, with a jumper on top, with a long-sleeved top underneath, it is truly effortless, and a great find by my wonderful Mum 🙂

La Redoute dress

I have worn it to interviews, parties, the beach, you name it, and it’s perfect with a snuggly jumper for this coolish weather.

Japanese Maple leaves

Today was the most beautiful sunny, misty Autumn afternoon, people at the cafe were ordering soup and hot chocolates, and the leaves on the Japanese Maple in our garden are blushing and crozzling at the edges, and it’s nearly 7pm and still light outside. I’m always sad to see summer go but I do like this time of year of soft fabrics, hot drinks and comforting foods. I’m not looking forward to being awake in the dark next week for my 7am starts, and I’m really not looking forward to daylight savings time, but at least it will make me appreciate Spring all the more when it comes around again.


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