I don’t mind rain. And I’m certainly not of the opinion that it “rains all the time” here in the UK (it’s overcast a lot and people associate that with rain). But I’m not a huge fan of drizzle. It doesn’t have the comforting hammering of the Spring storm or Autumn downpour where the rain on the window, windscreen or umbrella has a tangible, audible presence. It doesn’t have the soft refreshingness of  an April shower, the sun just visible glinting between the droplets, themselves not cold, but lukewarm and enlivening, stirring the smell of grass from the soil.

April showers, Easter 2011 Spring showers in bluebell woodsApril Showers, Easter holiday 2011

But I admit I was comforted, as I walked to work at 6:30am for the early shift, by the bright pink canopy of my Shanghai Tang umbrella, kindly bought for my by my Uncle who lived in Hong Kong at the time. It is truly the most beautiful umbrella I have ever owned, and any light permeating through it is suffused with a lovely rosy cheering glow.

Shanghai Tang Umbrella

This drizzle, unfortunately, was cold and damp and hung in the air making the umbrella comforting, but not the most effective equipment. The weather also made wrestling a fully-laden trolly across a foot bridge to the cafe where I work much more irritating than usual (usually it’s just the shoddy uneven bridge construction I have to contend with, it dips and leans alarmingly, almost always in the direction of the nearest staircase branching from it).

Cosy Autumn wearBlack leggings from Sainsbury’s, Dress bought by my Grandma on a London market stall, I think in Portobello Road.

So when I got home it was time for my favourite comfy, snuggly tunic dress, a present from my Grandma which I can never get enough of. It’s also time for comforting food, which is another reason to enjoy the “getting-better”* curry we’re ordering from a local Indian restaurant tonight 🙂

* a note on “getting-better” food: my partner is often ill, he doesn’t have an illness per se, he just has a weak immune system and tends to get long-lasting colds, which about 50% of the time I manage to avoid catching. When ill he’s often on a restricted diet, so it’s become a bit of a tradition that when he’s recovered enough to start feeling well again he can have some kind of naughty or expensive comfort food, usually sweets, fizzy drinks or a takeaway.


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