I believe I mentioned in my post about Lincoln Asylum that I intended to acquire a skirt I could modify in order to further steampunkify my outfit for next year. Well I found the skirt. It was £1.50 from the Scope charity shop and is a brown linen-viscose mix which is a bit stretchy and should be fairly forgiving to my alterations. This is a picture of the back of the skirt so you can get an idea of the shape (I forgot to take a picture before  I started modifying, but the back has remained relatively unchanged:

back of skirtskirt I intend to modify, originally from e-vie, bought second-hand from Scope

As you can see it’s a fairly standard panel skirt which flares slightly. Now what I have in my mind’s eye as the sort of design I want is something like this:

Steampunk Skirt from

You get the idea, though obviously some of these skirts are made from a much larger piece of material than mine, and I was hoping it would be pretty simple with the skirt I had, I even think I might add some back lacing like this one:

So these are the alterations I’m tentatively and non-permanently going to make, Everything is currently pinned in place – you can see the pin-heads from all the little white dots.

Skirt alterations in progressAnd this is what it looks like on

tiered victorian/steampunk skirt in progress Steampunkify, in progress

I think it’s getting there, but I need to create that bottom flair somehow, I feel like there’s enough fabric, it’s just not hanging right, perhaps I need to move my ruched-up areas towards the side more, rather than the front? At the moment they’re aligned to the skirt’s original seams, but maybe they need to use my hips to create the shape unless I want to go for the messy random ruching of the first example skirt.

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of Steampunk I’d like to take a minute to reveal and celebrate my love of capes. In fact, I’m wearing one right now.

cape time!

Anyone who has walked around the house wrapped in a towel/duvet/blanket needs a cape. Mine was made for Halloween five years ago when I was going as Susan from the Terry Pratchett Discworld books. Susan Sto Helit Halloween costumeI noticed that I was super snuggly and everyone else (especially my friend who had bought a nasty plasticy cape from a costume shop) was freezing. Since then I started to wear it around the house. My boyfriend was so impressed he requested a cape for Christmas, so I made himSuperman Cape this:

The Superman logo was an additional add-on for his birthday, at his request 🙂

I think the best thing about all our cape making shenanigans were the presents he then made for his family last year:Family capes

Is that not wonderful?

So, in conclusion, I think everyone should own a cape even if it’s just a cheap Primark blanket with a neck tie like ours, but if you can, get a Steampunky awesome one like these, the longer the better in my opinion, short shoulder capes may look adorable, but for comfort and warmth you need something like these, most of which will be made out of an entire circle of fabric for maximum flows and folds:

Share and enjoy.


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