Thank You

My wonderful boyfriend said something to me today that made me want to say a general ‘thank you’ to everyone who has cheered me up when I wasn’t feeling particularly attractive, but more than anyone, I want to thank my wonderful partner of eight and a half years, who always knows how to make me smile. I will always remember when I was 16 and had just got my braces.Braces

I was feeling completely unattractive until my boyfriend at the time (not my current partner) forced me to smile and called them my “sparkles”. Incidentally, as it happens, that same boyfriend bought me the bracelet I’m wearing in the above photo. It cheered me up instantly. Exactly as my partner managed to do this morning. I’m currently suffering from a contagious skin condition on my hands and feet, so to avoid infecting my partner I was wearing socks on my feet and also on my hands like mittens in bed, so that if I touched him, or the bedclothes, he’d be ok. I was lying in bed this morning and he simply said to me “you’re beautiful” I looked at my feet and hands and said “really?” he smiled and said “yes, my little kitten in mittens” (a reference to the song “My Favourite Things” one line of which he constantly misquotes as ‘raindrops on roses and mittens on kittens’ because in his words, ‘it’s cuter’).

Happiness is finding someone you can be weird with

“Happiness is finding someone you can be weird with”

So thank you, my sweetest lovely one and everyone else, especially my parents, who’ve ever cheered me up when I’m down.


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