Steak and Tartan

This has been a nice relaxing weekend. Despite the cleaning D and I did yesterday (it took less time than I expected, and nothing relaxes me like a tidy house). Sunday’s highlight was a steak dinner, courtesy of Sainsbury’s, and a game of Agricola, where D kicked my butt again -_-

Steak on the grill

Steak with pepper sauce, chips and garlic mushrooms

With a storm on the way and the end of daylight savings time meaning the nights are earlier it’s a time for comfy clothes, and what could be more comforting than maroon brushed cotton tartan?

Tartan dress

Marks and Spencer nightie – modified by me, New Look cardigan and jeggings

This dress started life as a too-big nightie I couldn’t return which I added a zip and some ribbon to in the hopes I could convince people it was a dress, as opposed to nightwear! I don’t know if I’ve succeeded, but it certainly is comfy.

Tartan dress

I’m now looking ahead to what could be a difficult and joyful week. There’s certainly a lot going on. I will be getting two very important sets of results, working an extra long shift and work, and having a visit from my family – could be incredible, could be disastrous (even the weather could throw a spanner in the works), only time will tell. Wish me luck!



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