Apple Jelly

Apple jellies are super easy to make. I looked it up online and there is pretty much just one recipe repeated again and again. Which essentially boils down to:

Take some apples – eaters, cookers, crab apples, whichever you like – chop them roughly, including peel and cores but discarding bad parts.

Combine the apples with anything flavourful you like, I used chilli and ginger, other recipes suggested Rowan berries, rosehips and cranberries.

Cover the whole lot with water and boil until pulpy

Strain the pulpy mix through a fine muslin overnight

Straining apple juice through muslin


Combine the strained juice at a 1:1 volume ratio with white sugar

Apple jelly in the making

Boil, them simmer, skimming foam as necessary, at this stage you will see the mixture change from cloudy to clear

skimming the scum! Apple jelly

Chill a spoon in the freezer, when the jelly is ready a small portion of it will set on the spoon. If it doesn’t set, boil for longer, I had to reduce my mixture by almost half in volume before it was the right consistency. At this point I stirred in some finely chopped chilli so that the pieces would float in the jelly.

ready to pour apple jelly

Pour into sterilised jars (click to find out how – I used the oven method), screw on lids and leave to set. As the jelly cools you’ll hear popping noises as the lids depress.

Apple, ginger, chilli jelly Apple jelly

And you’re done 🙂


On another note, I found an adorable covering for my chutney jar lids – some adorable Christmas tartan tape they’re selling in Wilkinsons. How cute is that?!?

Tartan lids and tape

Now I just need some adorable lables and I’m done 🙂


2 thoughts on “Apple Jelly

    • can’t believe you visited my blog! Thanks for commenting 🙂 My family were very happy – Mum thought her necklace was bought rather than handmade, and half my Grandparents’ chutney disappeared in just one meal! How I’m going to top that next year I’ll never know…

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