Crafty Christmas


I take Christmas very seriously…

And this year I have gone VERY handmade. My bracelets, which you will have seen in several previous posts, are done and the accompanying necklaces too.

hand made necklaces and bracelets

My chutney pots are labeled

Homemade Apple Chutney

My presents are wrapped and my tags are done in hand-written calligraphy

Christmas Wrapping Christmas wrapping shabby chique wrapping Calligraphy lables

A note on the calligraphy – I don’t have the know-how to design these myself, so I used an online downloadable font and copied that. You have to pay to download, but you can type anything you want into the preview box. I used two fonts – Aleka, and Peonie Pro.

I even made my own Christmas cards. I used leaves I collected and dried in the Autumn. I was planning to make some art with the ones which kept their colours well and spray the others silver. As it happened I couldn’t work out a way to do good leaf art with the plain leaves, the hue of the paper was deadening the colour of the leaves:

leaf art

Any bright ideas to make this design ‘pop’ let me know!

– I did end up using the leaves, but it was the ‘reject’ ones that proved most useful – as templates for these:

Christmas cards

I thought these were so lovely I made some similar wall-art as presents, I’ll cover this in the next post. It was very easy and effective.

All I can say is that when spraying:

  • cover a much larger surface than you think you need with newspaper
  • don’t breathe the fumes!
  • you might need to set the spray paint with hairspray – mine set very powdery


Hope you’ve enjoyed my hand made crafty Christmas. Merry Christmas to anyone reading.

Liz x


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