Day 2: China

I’m currently home alone for about 7-10 days, so when I can, I’m going to blog about what I get up to. Today I’m inspired by China. It’s no secret that I love China, I have three Chinese cooking books, I’m learning Mandarin, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the orient and for Christmas, I received the DVD of the BBC series ‘Wild China‘ which I watched the first episode from today. Here’s a screen capture I took – this is Zhong Dong, a school  of 200 pupils and village of twenty-odd families all housed in a massive cave.Zhong Dong Cave SchoolI just can’t get over the scale of China, the terraced rice paddies

Over fifty ethnic groups (all portrayed wonderfully in Tom Carter’s China: Portrait of a People)

So today, to celebrate China I cooked Xi Fan or ‘watery rice’ a recipe I have wanted to try for a long time, from one of my favourite Chinese chef’s books:

DSCF9044 I altered Ching’s recipe slightly as I don’t like coriander and didn’t have any beansprouts, so I added instead spring onions and broccoli. The recipe calls for brown rice, mixed grains +pulses (‘healthy grain mix’ or ‘country soup mix’), ginger, garlic, diced carrot and stock cooked together for a long time (I left mine for an hour while I made some phone calls). Ching’s recipe is a fond remembrance of her’s from her childhood where her traditional grandparents would make this for breakfast, and I can see why, though it has a good savoury taste it has the same comfort-factor of porridge – and the same carb-heavy fill-you-up-till-lunchtime quality. It was delicious. And though it isn’t the most beautiful looking dish, I thoroughly receomend you try it out.

Xi fan



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