Day 8: LGBTQ

Today and for most of this week I’ve been enjoying the wonderful internet presence of the LGBTQ community. It was always a foregone conclusion that I would be a massive gay rights advocate and gay supporter in general, two or my closest friends are gay and I would describe my own orientation as flexible – I don’t really fit in a box, but I certainly come somewhere under the LGBTQ heading.

So today I’m going to share with you my favourite online LGBTQ moments which are a source of inspiration and joy. Enjoy.

Firstly, for those who want to know what the hell LGBTQ means, here’s a lovely helpful video:

Next, transguy Sam’s wonderful blog/comic strip: you should totally check it out.

Some gay humour (with a meaningful message – which must have worked!)

Bria and Chrissy! Gorgeous singing comedy-video-making couple, you should totally check out their entire channel.

The wonderful Arielle Scarcella’s ‘Lesbians explain’ series (I just love her voice, I don’t know what American accent that it, but it’s great)

And now a few of the sort of videos that make me cry… with happiness 🙂

So thank you LGBTQ’s, your words of wisdom, compassion and love are always at the forefront of Upworthy, the Huffington Post and TEDx talks – for good reason! To everyone like George Takei, Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres, Laverne Cox, Ian Mckellen, Jane Lynch and so many more you make the world a better place.

I’m so pleased I have lived to see gay marriage legislation be passed in the UK and America, but so many gay and transgender adults, teens and children still need compassion and support. Share videos, promote knowledge, celebrate love, condemn hate and support good causes like The Trevor Project.

And now because I got a bit preachy…

One love.


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