Cute Easy Hand-Made Owls

This is a lovely little craft project which is pretty fast by hand and lightning fast with a machine. I found this lovely pin on pinterest and knew I just had to make them!

Aren’t they lovely?! I didn’t have such cute fabric and didn’t have time to buy any as I was in a hurry to make something for my literally-just-born baby cousin. So I rooted about in my scrap box and made this little beauty.

DSCF9241 DSCF9242 1959684_10151877201650653_1932284046_n

There’s a bonus picture there of the recipient of said owl – isn’t she cute! I haven’t met her in person yet and I can’t wait to visit in Easter.

The above owl took me over two hours to make as I wanted to make all the stitching super-secure so almost no amount of pulling or chewing would cause things to become unattached, and so that the owl can be machine washed. I have made two more since then for my Mum and Boyfriend (who were both ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the first one) and they were quicker as the super-robust stitching wasn’t so important.

I’m afraid I really dropped the ball on doing progressive pictures of this… I managed a grand total of ONE in progress pic, lol, sorry! But the blog which was the original inspiration for this has pretty much the perfect instructions, so for a how-to, go here:



The one piece of advice I have is don’t use stretchy fabric for the breast of the bird like I did for the owl on the left as it will expand so that you don’t see as much of the back fabric from the front, which doesn’t look so nice, stick to a good woven cotton or something fluffy like my first own and you should be fine 🙂


Enjoy and have a good weekend!


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