Crafty Summer Wedding & Outfit

This summer I was very fortunate to be invited to my Uncle’s wedding. It was an amazing day and made extra special because so many people contributed. The bride’s brother-in-law made a spectacular cake, my grandpa and grandma made hundreds of these gorgeous hanging hearts out of old music paper:

517 DSCF0257I took some of these home from the wedding and have hung them above my bed, they are a lovely memento.

My wonderful mum (sister of the groom) made these lovely hanging jam-jar lanterns


There were custom Japanese umbrellas


More contributions from my grandpa in the form of hand-written calligraphy


And my mum and I made pompoms from florists fabric to hang in the trees (these were super easy and the florists fabric is brilliantly weather-proof)


Everyone looked absolutely gorgeous, especially the bride in a stunning backless floor-length silk gown, but I didn’t want to put personal photos of anyone else in my family up online, so I have mainly just got photos of myself from the day. Though I did find this lovely one of the bride and groom:


My outfit was a short summer dress from River Island – it was originally wide shorts, but with the waist tie it used to make me crazy having to untie and retie it all just to go to the loo! So I made it into a full skirt instead. The best thing about it is the pockets, they’re huge and deep – so useful!


I also had some surprisingly nice cheap shoes from Shoe Zone – the type with little cut out holes. I think they were only about £8! Crazy.

IMG_2412 459

The scarf I think was a gift from my uncle – so rather appropriate to wear it to his wedding. It’s a gorgeous good quality and very warm scarf from Hong Kong


You can just see part of my Mum standing behind me in this photo, she looked like a beautiful Hawaiian princess in pink and turquoise with her gorgeous dark hair in an over-the-shoulder plait.

It was a magical day at a gorgeous location. I have been blessed to be invited to two weddings in the last few months and they’re always an amazing occasion. Wishing everyone who got married this summer many many happy years together.



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