Avocado Update

I occurred to me a few weeks ago that I never posted an update on my avocado plant that I grew from the stone. As a reminder, here’s what my plant-baby looked like in the last post it featured in:

picture my own

Aww, so cute and tiny!

And now look at its magnificent self!

DSCF2166That’s one hell of a change, the leaves are massive – bigger than my hand and the main stem is really think and strong – it actually feels like a sapling as opposed to a softer less woody stem.

A word of warning though to anyone who wants to grow one of these, they’re very thirst plants, and if you don’t manage to water them enough, or leave them alone for a week or so, you will come home to this distressing sight:


Poor little thing 😦 … at least it perks up again in a few hours if you give it some water 🙂

DSCF2170 DSCF2163


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