(Almost) No Shampoo Since February!

In February I went down the internet rabbit hole (as you do) and stumbled upon the ‘no-poo’ movement – I think I got there from Vegan bakery (my bf is allergic to eggs, so I look at Vegan cake/brownie etc. recipes quite often), Vegan blogs often lead me to unusual things… or perhaps it was a video I watched of a New Yorker who hadn’t created any trash in a year. Anyway. I digress.

shampoo search

The no-poo idea is that you can wash your hair without shampoo using just kitchen ingredients, it’s supposed to be more healthy and thrifty. The most popular ‘shampoo’ mix is a couple of tsp bicarbonate of soda, and you follow this up with ‘conditioner’ which is a mix of water and vinegar.

I just had to give it a go.

And it works.

I’m not convinced my hair is ‘thicker’ or ‘stronger’ (but it’s short so it’s hard to tell, but I do think my scalp is more healthy, I’ve had to use my medicated shampoo which stops my scalp itching way less (but have still needed it a few times).

So, here’s a pic of my hair, for the sake of proving yes, it still looks clean and shiny as ever:


this is the face I make when I catch Dad trying to take sneaky ‘natural’ pic of me 😛

There are a bunch of blogs that go into all the shampoos you can make, so I won’t rehash this here. However, I will add two things to the discussion:

  1. because the the ‘shampoo’ and ‘conditioner’ are VERY watery (unsurprising since they’re both about 99% liquid), it’s best to put them into a bottle with only a small hole, such as an old shampoo bottle or handcream bottle, not the sort of bottle you would drink out of or you end up putting way more than you mean to over your head.
  2. I found that in both Wales and Yorkshire, where the water is soft, this method works like magic, perfect, soft hair every time. But in the south of England, where the water is hard (you can tell if you have hard water by looking into your kettle, if there is a build up of white flakes, or you have to filter water to prevent these forming, that is limescale and you’re in a hard water area) I only got one good wash over the whole holiday – sadly I’m not sure what made that wash work as 1. I had just made a slightly stronger bicarb solution and 2. I rinsed my hair first in soapy bath water rather than under the shower. I don’t know which of these factors made the difference, but for the rest of the holiday my hair looked fine, no strands stuck together etc, but felt kind of like sheep’s wool, not really nasty or anything, just kind of lanolin-like. So if you’ve tried and had zero success, maybe it’s the water?

If you’ve tried this or want to comment below! Have a great day x


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