Video Capturing Lectures

A fairly heated debate is happening in my university at the moment around whether or not lectures should be video captured.

One of the SU’s executive officers has written this post. I commented, but stupidly overwrote my clipboard before I pasted it into this post (FML) so I’ll summarise:

The good:

  • People like Dash (dyspraxic, frequently ill) will have an aide memoire, and a way to access lectures when they are unavoidably absent from university.
  • Students will have an easier way to revise.
  • If implemented cleverly, and edited well, iterative improvements on lectures could be integrated, students would have later opportunities to ask questions (e.g. by comment forms, or via a Twitch-like service if live-streamed)

The bad:

  • Mistakes made by both students and lecturers would be preserved (unless videos underwent editing).
  • Editing would be time-consuming, lecturers would need appropriate compensation.
  • Students may choose not to attend in person, either because of laziness, or because of unwillingness to be filmed.
  • If attendance and/or participation dropped, the interaction between student and lecturer would be eroded – lecturers would not know what points to clarify as there would not be anyone to say they hadn’t understood. Group discussions would cease to be achievable.
  • Red tape would increase, and flexibility in teaching would decrease.

In my opinion, a distinction needs to be made about the kind of content to be recorded. Traditional lectures would benefit from recording. Seminars, discussions and practical tasks would not.

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