Crafty Summer Wedding & Outfit

This summer I was very fortunate to be invited to my Uncle’s wedding. It was an amazing day and made extra special because so many people contributed. The bride’s brother-in-law made a spectacular cake, my grandpa and grandma made hundreds of these gorgeous hanging hearts out of old music paper: I took some of these […]

Thank You

My wonderful boyfriend said something to me today that made me want to say a general ‘thank you’ to everyone who has cheered me up when I wasn’t feeling particularly attractive, but more than anyone, I want to thank my wonderful partner of eight and a half years, who always knows how to make me […]

Best bacon sandwich ever

When I woke up to this weather this morning: I knew my boyfriend’s idea for dinner today was perfect, warm, comforting, carbilicious – perfect for a lazy snuggly Saturday. These ultimate bacon sandwiches are made from soft English muffins split and toasted in the George Foreman Grill, topped with HP bbq sauce, smothered with cheese, […]

Black and Purple

Nomads trousers, Dorothy Perkins t-shirt, New Look jumper, scarf – gift from my Uncle, watch – eBay from China, earrings from Towersey folk festival I’m certainly glad it’s Thursday. There’s been tensions at boiling point this whole week at the cafe and I’m just glad it will be over soon and I’ll be back on […]


I don’t mind rain. And I’m certainly not of the opinion that it “rains all the time” here in the UK (it’s overcast a lot and people associate that with rain). But I’m not a huge fan of drizzle. It doesn’t have the comforting hammering of the Spring storm or Autumn downpour where the rain […]

Freshers’ Flu

One of the most unwelcome things that Freshers’ Week inevitably brings is the joys of Freshers’ Flu – all those germs from all corners of the world come together and you inevitably meet some you don’t have the antibodies for. I already have one work colleague dosed up on paracetamol, and my partner woke up […]