Video Capturing Lectures

A fairly heated debate is happening in my university at the moment around whether or not lectures should be video captured. One of the SU’s executive officers has written this post. I commented, but stupidly overwrote my clipboard before I pasted it into this post (FML) so I’ll summarise: The good: People like Dash (dyspraxic, […]

Love through the lens

I just got back from a family holiday and am now sorting through the hundreds of photos we took between us. My parents were there first for a week alone – the first holiday they’ve had without me or my brother since their honeymoon. I copied all the photos from Dad’s camera (I asked if […]

Avocado Update

I occurred to me a few weeks ago that I never posted an update on my avocado plant that I grew from the stone. As a reminder, here’s what my plant-baby looked like in the last post it featured in: And now look at its magnificent self! That’s one hell of a change, the leaves […]

Cocoa Meringues

Originally posted on 17 and Baking:
I never thought I was the kind of person who would be fired. I’d been waitressing since my freshman year. The restaurant hired me my first month in Boston, even though I’d never taken an order or carried more than two plates across a room. I think what ultimately sold them… stats Feb/March

Just an image to show you how damn awesome the site is. So long as you have an academic email address e.g. something ending you can sign up and upload your essays, papers, thesis etc making these documents searchable online and downloadable by anyone – very cool, especially as it could get you […]